Car Information:
Year: 2006
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
When I have my vehicle serviced up North, Toyota uses Mobil 1-5-30 synthetic oil. When I have it serviced in Florida, Toyota uses Gasteroil 0-w-20 synthetic oil. Which is the better of the two?

To make matters even more confusing we use 0-W-30. Of course, that’s Amsoil. We beat the cold pour point with the 0-W and the 20 by using the 30. Amsoil is the only one that makes a 0-W-30, the 20 is just too thin for Florida summer driving. Use either the 5-W-30 or preferably the Amsoil 0-W-30. Note: We only change the Amsoil every 10,000 miles.

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