Car Information:
Ford Explorer
Year: 2002
Engine Size: V8
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
The car is making a loud hum with increased speed. I have had 3 wheel bearings replaced and my mechanic finally decided that the car needs the rear-end rebuilt. I’m planning a trip to Naples, FL the weekend of 4/29. My husband said that I can drive a long time needing that repair without having a problem (breakdown).
1. Do you agree with that?
2. How long does it take to have the rear-end rebuilt?
3. How much would that cost?

If its a worn ring and pinion I agree it could go a long time like that, BUT! If its a bad side or pinion bearing the entire rear end can lock up while your driving it! Swing it by the shop, one of us will take it on a short test drive and let you know if your in any danger, wont charge you a dime to do so.

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