Car Information:
Saturn/Vue XR
Year: 2008
Engine Size: 3.6L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I am an avid fan of your radio show and have used your website to ask many questions. With that said, here is my problem: I own two Saturns; 2001 SC2, and a 2008 Vue XR. I have been a Saturn fan for years beginning with my 1991 SL2, which I drove for ten great years. As you are well aware the Saturn brand was eliminated by GM and to my surprise both Saturn of Orlando North and South (my store) went out of business last month. The Saturn website shows Starling Chevrolet as assuming the remaining warranty work for Saturns, but I do not know them. So here are the questions: 1) Could you do the remaining warranty work on my 2008 Vue? 2) I live way down in Poinciana, what if I have to leave my car over night? 3) I also have an extended warranty on my Vue, do you work with them also? 4) If I bring my car in for service work, could we schedule early, in the AM, so I do not have to leave the car? 5)I have a specific problem with my Vue. A squeaking in the steering wheel. Saturn had me set up to replace the steering rake, but my dealer closed down before I could get the work done. Would you have access to my electronic service records? And could you perform the rake replacement under warranty?

I can do all the maintenance, and repairs, even honor the extended warranty, but we would have to check and see if they will pay us to do factory warranty. GM used to in some case’s because we’re an A-C Delco TSS shop. But since they’re Government Motors now, that has changed and most likely you will have to take it to another Government Motors dealer.

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