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Do you still purchase vehicle at the auction for others, if so what is the cost? We are looking to spend 10k to replace our 04 GMC Envoy LE but will consider other choices.

To be honest with you it would be a better idea for you to find one on Craigs List or the from a owner and have any purchase conditional on a pre purchase inspection at Magic Mechanic. Used vehicles at auction have gotten too high to take the kind of chances one must take nowadays. At least if you buy one from an individual owner you can at least drive the vehicle and have us check it over first, where we don’t have that luxury if we buy it at auction. In most cases we can buy a better vehicle for less money then we can from an auction. That’s why you don’t see many used car lots make it very long around here. If you find something you want us to take a look at give us ring 407-629-2661

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