Car Information:
Hyundai Sonata
Year: 2009
Engine Size: 4 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Good Afternoon,

I have a 2009 Hyundai Sonata-4 Cyl with 28,750 miles average driving a day is 36 miles. I do use the Amsoil in the gas per Magic Mechanic recommendation and my father who listen to you faithful on Saturday!

He wanted me to check with you on recommendation of when the crank shaft needs done if I understood him right should we also be using that in the car I use synthetic oil for my oil changes now so he was wanting me to check on this also.

I have been using the same auto shop for over 30 years now “Top Auto” and they are the ones who started me on the syn oil so I need to know when it comes time for major changes like this and others what you would recommend also.

Listen when it comes to Mechanics and auto advice its varies greatly.

I only use Amsoil lubrication products in my customers vehicles because I want that vehicle to last through out all their warranties and as the vehicle ages I might have the opportunity to get to do some small repairs and general service work. If they buy new cars every 3 or 4 years the most I can hope for is oil services and an occasional brake job and maybe some tires. This madness of mine seems to benefit my shop and my customers pocket book. I have a busy shop and my customers don’t have car payments unless they so choose, not because they have to! I recommend Amsoil synthetics for many reasons

1. their the first to manufacture a pure PAO based synthetic lubricant in the US (1972)
2. I have seen the results of using Amsoil in thousands and thousands of vehicles they just don’t wear out, and repairs are all small things never engines or transmissions
3. My madness and belief in Amsoil products are backed by real science and laboratory testing deeming it the best internal combustion engine lubricant in the world!

Amsoil even puts competitors wear data on the back of their bottle’s. And Amsoil has always warranted my customers engines and transmissions for lubrication failure for as long as they own the vehicle regardless how many miles are on it providing they use Amsoil and change it at recommended intervals. In your vehicle we would recommend the Signature Series Amsoil 0-W-30 in your Hyundai and change it every 10,000 mile or once a year. For more info go to Also tell your father thanks for listening and I wish him a happy Fathers Day!

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