Folks so many of today’s cars and trucks come with these small engines for fuel economy” but to get them to have any power they have to use a turbo charger sometimes more then one” now what does a turbo charger do? The name alone sounds cool and powerful.

The truth is a turbo charger is a air blower thats it! Turbo chargers use two stages. one half has a fan that collects exhaust pressure which turns a shaft” and on the other end of the shaft is another fan that collects air and compress’s it into the cylinders, By compression air into the cylinders it raises the static compression ratio which improves power and performance” Its like free power” Right! Well it can be but not always” Heres a couple problems” One is the lubrication of the turbo charger” sending engine oil to lube a 450 degree turbo charger can cause the oil to sludge and plug the turbos oil passages and the turbo fail” Another issue is you have a motor that may have a 8 ½ to 9 to 1 compression ratio at idle” But may have a 15 or 16 to 1 compression ratio at high load RPM’s, now think about this? When you cram that much air pressure and compression into a cylinder the piston rings have a very difficult job keeping all that pressure on top of the piston and not allowing it to enter the crankcase which causes massive crankcase emissions and oil to re-enter the intake, valves, and cylinders, this causes valve and combustion chamber carbon and can cause engine failure” The piston rings are only as good as the oil film on the cylinder walls.

Listen if you own a turbo charged vehicle It does not make a difference weather its Japanese, European, or American made, do yourself a favor switch over to the Signature Series Amsoil synthetic engine oil. It wont clog the turbo oil passages it wont sludge, and the film strength will prevent the piston rings from allowing compression to enter the crankcase” Next time you change your oil / Change your oil!

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