Car Information:
Toyota 4×4 Pickup
Year: 1987
Engine Size: 22R
Trans: Manual

Issue / Question:
I have a 1987 Toyota 4×4 pickup with a 22R engine (carbureted) and 5 speed standard transmission. The problem I’m having is the truck has “no power” when pressing down the accelerator pedal…like pulling a trailer…what do you recommend checking…accelerator diaphragm / egr valve / vacuum pod(s)? P.S.: Exhaust is all good from manifold back.

Could be a carburetor problem stuck secondary is common. A plugged catalytic converter could also cause the problem, but only if the exhaust is okay? It could have jumped time as well. These single row timing chains were famous for this as well. I can’t pinpoint it for you without seeing the truck but this gives you some things to check. Good luck.

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