Car Information:
Toyota 4Runner
Year: 2000
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I had brought my car to Tire Kingdom to get two new tires installed and an alignment. (The left front and right rear tires were removed; the right front tire was moved to the right rear; and two new tires were installed on the front.) After this was done, the next morning as I was driving my car on the highway, I noticed my vehicle started to shake when I was reaching speeds of 60+ mph.

I brought it back to Tire Kingdom where they had redone the alignment and balanced all four tires. The morning after that I noticed that my car was still shaking on the highway. I noted that it’s my entire vehicle that’s shaking, not just my steering wheel, and that it seems to be shaking in a left-right manner, versus an up-down manner.

Again I brought it to Tire Kingdom and they took it for a test drive. At this point the shaking started at approximately 50-55 mph. They brought my car into their shop and lifted it up so they could see overhead, and they noticed that my rear axle “is loud”. They suggested to bring my car in for a day so they could take a closer look at it, but they suspect that it might be a bad axle.

I drove on the highway this morning and was checking if I was hearing any loud noises as I was driving, but I didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. However, the shaking in my car was the most violent as it’s ever been this morning.

So, I’m looking to get a second opinion as to what’s going on. This shaking problem only started happening after I had those two new tires and alignment done. It’s difficult for me to believe that it’s a bad axle causing this since this wasn’t happening before.

I agree with you and I suggest you don’t drive the truck. This could be dangerous. If you don’t have it towed drive it in town only don’t get it on the highway! Let us know when your bringing it.

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