Car Information:
Year: 2004
Engine Size: 5.2
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: I have the torque converter shutter and brought it by your shop and we put the super oil in it. It seemed to lesson the shutter especially at the 40MPH range but it still shutters. If I accelerate through or back off the gas it stops. My question is what other dammage is occurring due to this problem? I have your estimate of about $900 so if I can’t do this for a few weeks, am I causing futher damge to other parts??

Not if we already added it, sounds like your going to be getting a torque converter sooner then later! It shouldn’t hurt anything unless it loses the friction material on the torque converter clutch, if it does it will try to neutral out then drop back into 4th then the OD light will start flashing. Do you have the problem when you cancel the overdrive? Stop by and we will install a bottle of lube guard with a friction enhancer in it and see if that helps.

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