Car Information:
Buick LeSabre
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 3.8L K Series
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: When I fill the gas tank completely, the car will not start. If it does, it runs rough and stalls. Once I get the engine going, I have to rev it up to eliminate the rough running. Seems like something in the fuel system is not working correctly when I fill the tank fully. The problem is more pronounced when the front of the car is sloped down hill at the filling station.

Other than that, the car gets great mileage on the highway.

Fuel is entering the vapor purge system most likely the purge solenoid is bad and needs replaced! I don’t want to scare you but this is extremely dangerous and not a common failure on this car, if the fuel exits out the throttle body and comes into contact with the mass air sensor you got a real problem on your hands it will catch fire!

Give us a call and get this into the shop as soon as possible and don’t fill the tank more then 1/2 and do not park the car inside a garage at home! 407-629-2661

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