Car Information:
Dodge Ram Van 1500
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 5.7
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I have 3 questions:

1) Today my ignition switch was stuck off, and I had to fiddle and fiddle with it to get it to turn on. It has tilt wheel, and this is the 2nd switch in 90,000. And I have a very lightweight ring of keys since the first time I had it fixed. Is there graphite or something to lubricate the switch?

2) Last week I bought Amsoil 100:1 treatment in a quart bottle, how much should I use? I have a 30 gallon tank.

3) When I was in last Tuesday, I came in to buy a maintenance free Interstate battery… the first battery installed was not maintenance free, so they had to go get one, and it was taking up my morning, and the one they got was a NAPA. Is this battery as good as an Interstate?


1) Do not spray anything into the key switch it will cause a problem with pass key reader and the computer system will not be able to read the key resistance.

2) 1 ounce to each 5 gallon gasoline with the Amsoil Outboard 100:1 two stroke oil

3) The only maintenance free battery Interstate makes is the Optima Gel batteries. They usually run $250.00 to $350.00 each. Interstate states 90% of early failures of their maintenance free acid batteries were due to low water or acid so they quit making them.

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