Car Information:
Toyota Tacoma
Year: 2006
Engine Size: v6 cylinder, 4.0L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
First, I do listen to your radio show whenever I can. I drive a Toyota Tacoma double cab pre-runner sr5 trd off road and my question is about the transmission. When at a complete stop the truck has a slight kick or slip like someone hit my rear bumper. I did ask a Toyota tech and was told that is normal to double cabs. Also I was told that I don’t need a transmission service until it hits 100,000 miles! My current mileage is 93000. Should I worry? That brings me to another issue of concern. Can I have my transmission service done at your shop or does it have to be serviced by a dealer since there is no dipstick to check and replace the fluid and does it have to be a Toyota transmission fluid only? What would it cost me? A response is appreciated. Thanks.

The bump you feel usually after a stop and brake release is the slip joint on your drive shaft binding when the rear of the truck drops after the release of the brakes! Depending on how your slip joint is made it needs to be lube with anti seize lube, sometimes we can re-lube with a gun if it has a rubber boot the shaft has to be removed the slip joint disassembled then the spines greased and reassembled (we do this every day not only on Toyota’s but almost all pick ups and SUV’s they all have the same issue). If it has external fittings No/Charge for the
lube if the shaft has to be removed and disassembled $124.00 The shaft came both ways some with fittings some without we will have to look at it to know for sure.

As far as the transmission goes this one uses a screen instead of a filter so a drain and fill with Amsoil synthetic fluid is all that’s required
it runs $96.00, since the service is so inexpensive many of our customers with similar vehicles have the drain and fill done every 30,000 mile and we have Toyota automatics that have logged over 1 million miles!

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