Car Information:
Nissan Frontier
Year: 2006
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I bought this truck new and the steering was somewhat stiff — now four years later it is still stiff — especially while traveling down a straight road — I have to constantly pull to the left and right 1 or 2 degrees — the alignment has been checked twice and it is good – this is annoying when pulling a trailer (and tiring) do you have any solution to this problem
of tight steering ?
I checked with the dealer 3 times and was told this was normal with this truck.

Thanks for any comment on this.


If it’s excessively tight there is a step by step process. First thing is to drop the steering linkage and check each side for stiff ball joints and rod ends, if nothing is found there we would need to look into what the power steering pressures are. If they are a little low adding a heavier spring to the pressure relief valve may allow it to build more pressure and rid the problem. Another thing we have seen is where someone will use an after market custom wheel with the wrong off set and cause steering issues as well. When you see your going to be in our area why don’t you call and make sure I’m here I’ll be glad to test drive it and let you know where I think we should start.

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