Car Information:
Toyota Camry
Year: 1996
Engine Size: 2.2 4 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

The car was hesitating and it stalled a few times. It set two engine codes: PO401 and P1300. The mechanic replaced the VSV solenoid and the ignitor. The car ran great for a month or so. Then it stalled when I was driving. We thought we ran out of gas. Put in gas and went to store (10 min drive). Then it would start, sounded great, ran 30 seconds, then died. Did this about three times, then it would not even start, had it towed home. Over the next few days it would start and quit or start and run for as much as five minutes, sounding strong and good then it would die. Mechanic thinks it’s the computer. Does that sound reasonable? If we install another computer, does Toyota have to be the one to program the computer?

I have some concern about the cost of such a repair because of the vehicle age. Any magic advice for me? The car is into its second week at the shop, with an uncertain diagnosis.

This shouldn’t be this hard, bottom line is does it lose fuel pressure, spark at the ignition coil, or injector pulse when it stalls? If the mechanic can duplicate the stalling and cannot tell you what you need he is the wrong guy to be working on it!

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