Something I haven’t mentioned for a while is how I determine weather a 8 to 12 year old vehicle is worth me or a customer spending money on” and the reason I mention myself in this equation is because of the amount of rental cars we have” I call it the three rule, its pretty simple I brake a car down into 3 components you got exterior meaning it isn’t beat to death and the paint is still decent” Next you have the interior condition, and last is the mechanical” suspension, engine, transmission, brakes, A/C system. Now what I look for” is to have 2 out of the three of these components in good shape” If you have a vehicle thats mechanically great and the interior is nice/, but the bumper covers are faded and clear coat is peeling hey its worth spending a few hundred dollars on some paint work, same with the interior if the leather is coming apart from age and the car is in good shape mechanically and the exterior is still nice” its worth having the seats and or carpet redone, And if the exterior and interior is in good condition and the car needs a engine, transmission, or just about any repair its hard to throw a nice looking car with a clean interior away” bottom line is” you want” two out of three in good shape, If you don’t” it can turn into a restoration project and unless its a sought after classic or antique it may not be worth the investment! Remember the 3 rule” 2 out 3.

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