Car Information:
Year: 2005
Engine Size:
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I recently took my car to a local shop to have it serviced. I explained that I was having issues with the car shaking when accelerating. I got 4 brand new tires (which I needed), an alignment, brakes (which I needed), and belts. The problem has almost gone away. I no longer feel the shaking when driving in town, but when I get on the highway or take it over 50-55mph the shaking is intense. At cruising speeds it settles down, but as soon as I hit the gas, there it is. It is worse when I am accelerating over a small hill or overpass. Any thoughts would be great. I am planning a trip with my family to Ohio and want this car in a safe, good working order before we leave.

It may be worth your while to let us look at it. Just call us before you come so if needed we can arrange a loaner for you to use. It sounds like there’s an engine alignment problem or maybe a bad engine or transmission mount.

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