Car Information:
Kia Sedona
Year: 2005
Engine Size:
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I recently took my car to a local shop to have it serviced. I explained that I was having issues with the car shaking when accelerating. I got 4 brand new tires (which I needed), an alignment, brakes (which I needed), and belts. The problem has almost gone away. I no longer feel the shaking when driving in town, but when I get on the highway or take it over 50-55mph the shaking is intense. At cruising speeds it settles down, but as soon as I hit the gas, there it is. It is worse when I am accelerating over a small hill or overpass. Any thoughts would be great. I am planning a trip with my family to Ohio, and want this car safe, and in good working order before we leave.

It may be worth your while to let us look at it, just call us before you come so if needed we can arrange a loaner for you to use, it sounds like there is an engine alignment problem or maybe a bad engine or transmission mount.

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