Car Information:
Lincoln LS
Year: 2003
Engine Size: V6
Transmission: Automatic

Nort suggested I contact you regarding a problem with my Lincoln LS v6. For many months it has had what I suspect is a COP problem. When you had the need to press the accelerator to the floor rapidly, the car would go into Safety Mode. Okay, I could live with that for awhile. When this would happen, the wrench icon would appear on the dash display, and the car would go into idle only. I would have to pull over, stop and restart. Then all would be fine. Then it began to misfire, or not fire perhaps, randomly and not very often, but it would do this in any conditions of driving. Several weeks ago, it just decided to go into Safety Mode during regular driving, and did so 3 times between Edgewater High School and Lee Road/Wymore. The last time it did this the Check Engine icon came on and stayed on. I parked the car and have not driven it since. My Mother had passed away suddenly the day this happened, and with all the other things I have had to deal with since, the car has not been high on my list. I have another car to drive, so the Lincoln just sits for now. It has also developed an oil pan leak that unfortunately seems to be a real hassle to fix on this car. So, my question is, if I drive the car to you, could you look it over and tell me what you believe the problem to be? If yes, how much will that cost me to interrogate the computer and look it over? Should I make an appointment to do this? Thanks.

Bruce we will be glad to check it and let you know what it needs. We wont charge you anything to estimate the oil leak but the system scan is a little different because we will need to scan the system while reading the vehicles data and may need to test suspected items with a lab scope to make sure. We also do a TSB and recall search to see if the manufactured has multiple issues with your current problem. After the diagnostic work is performed you will be given an estimate to repair the issue and if you choose to have us do the repair we try to include the diagnostic time in the repair, if you decide to take the vehicle and try to perform the repairs yourself we will charge an hours labor for our time $84.50

Let us know if we can help, 407-629-2661 and very sorry to here about your mother.

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