Car Information:
Ford Taurus
Year: 2002
Engine Size: 3.0L V6 Vulcan
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: Have had it in the shop twice with no results. Has 100k. intermittently runs rough so bad at low rpm when starting, backing up, or very infreguently at a light that I think it will stall all together, but never does. Once I’m at 10 miles mph & above runs great.

If they didn’t use the updated green insulators the gaskets are leaking! If they reused the old black ones it wont provide enough clamping force on the new gaskets! I see this everyday. This was such a problem FORD had to come out with a new clamping kit that includes new washers, bolts and the new green grommets to secure enough pressure on the gaskets. What your describing is a vacuum leak common on this engine, the intake gaskets start falling apart and the engine has a unregulated vacuum leak. Let us know if you want us to check and verify your issue so we can give you an estimate.

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