Car Information:
Year: 1993
Engine Size: 5.0
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I just bought this van at 175,000 miles and runs fine. The last owner just put 5w-20 oil in it, which I think should have been 20w-50, not 5w-20. For now I added LUCAS oil treatment. I am hoping to get another 30,000 or so out of this engine. In the future should I use 20w-50 AMSOIL? What is your opinion on the LUCAS products?

Also, after driving for a while, when I stop and then later restart the engine idles rough for about 1 minute and then clears up. What are your thoughts?

Lucas shouldn’t hurt anything. You’re right 10-W-40 or even 20-W-50 sounds like a better choice for this old motor. Pull the dip stick and smell the oil after driving. If it smells like gasoline, it may have a bad fuel pressure regulator causing the restart miss.

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