Car Information:
Lexus ES300
Year: 1996
Engine Size: V6 3.0
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: Hi there, I enjoy listening to the show and am checking for a friend who is working on his Lexus. He is looking for a computer and is considering ordering one that, as I understand it, has been (re)-programmed for his vehicle. He thinks the computer is at fault because the transmission has to be advanced through the gears by moving the shifter. This is the second transmission to do this, he bought it from a junk-yard and changed it a few months ago. The cooling fan does not come on, the power locks don’t work or the factory alarm. These problems started after driving through a large amount of water. The car got a little better a week after the initial flooding but has not been right. Anyway, do you think the reprogrammed(?) computer will work properly? Thank you.

Wow, depending on his insurance he would have been better off to have taken it to a shop and let them figure it out. If the engine runs ok, the PCM might be ok! He could be dealing with a bad transmission control module or relay and a bad convenience module and if that was the case those parts should be available used!

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