Car Information:
Mini/Cooper S
Year: 2007
Engine Size: 1.6L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
My Cooper doesn’t start well in the morning. It often takes several attempts before it starts. It will then sputter. Once I can rev it up once it runs fine and as long as it is warm it starts fine thereafter. I have had it in the local shop a few times and they thought it was a faulty sensor. I had it replaced and the problem persisted. $500 later I am having the same problem. It seems to me that I am priming the engine and once it gets fuel it goes. The certified mechanic checked spark, compression, fuel, etc and said everything was fine. Any ideas? I would be happy to bring it in if you do have any ideas.

I need to do a residual fuel pressure test to see if it leaks down over night, if it does it usually means the one-way check valve in the fuel pump is allowing fuel to return to the tank. Try this before cranking the engine to start in the next AM. Turn the key to the on position for 5 seconds then turn it off without starting the motor. Do this 20 times before cranking the engine to start. If it starts right up after doing this, you have re-primed your fuel system and chances are it will require a new fuel pump module to correct the problem. Wish you had brought it here first!

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