Car Information:
Pontiac Grand Prix
Year: 2004
Engine Size: Supercharge V8
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
In April 2010, my car began to overheat. I went to Tire Plus Total Care to diagnose the problem. They informed me the issue was that I needed to replace my thermostat which I did with them. I began to experience the same issue so I brought it to them again so on August 3rd. They informed me that to have my car checked for a pressure test cooling system on August 3rd. I was told that my diagnostic was to remove and replace my Tensioner- Serpentine Belt Kit. They informed me that the kit included a coolant elbow that I needed to replace. Well yesterday, when I went to Pontiac for a second opinion. I was told my car has been leaking because I have to replace my Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, Lower Intake Manifold, and coolant elbow. The total cost estimated was $1200. Since I do not have a warranty, I went to a local mechanic. While we looked for the leak, at it along with me, we realized that there was a sparkplug in the radiator return hose. What do you suggest I should do? Because my car is no longer overheating and no further issues has been discovered by the local mechanic.

You went to a tire store for a overheating problem and got a spark plug installed into a return hose! I’m sorry I don’t mean to make light of your situation but this is hilarious! Its like going to a bone doctor for a tooth ache and leaving with a cast on your head! Since you made my morning feel free to swing by the shop we will take a quick look at it and see if anything further should be done to the cooling system!

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