Car Information:
Plymouth Voyager
Year: 2002
Engine Size: 3.5
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
There’s a rattle in the front end. Sounds like a loose shock or brake pad. Could it be McPherson struts? The C.V. joints don’t grind when you turn. Van has a little over 130000 miles.

There’s a real good chance the strut mounts are bad and insulators in the mounts are metal to metal making the noise. Normally the struts alone can not make a noise like this unless they’re locked up and broke the mounts.

Replacing the front struts mounts parts and labor costs $394.46.

You should install new front loaded struts! (It comes with strut, strut mount, new coil spring and all mounting hardware) All parts and labor costs $804.34.

Most likely the mounts alone will fix the noise. If you need struts as well, the loaded ones basically replaces the entire suspension and since it even comes with springs it reestablishes ride height as well and a very good value.

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