Car Information:
Lexus LS430
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 8 cylinder V type
Transmission: Automatic

The Battery warning signal come on and the auto light leveling light warning come on. When I push the brake pedal, the radio and navigation system blank out. I had a after maket alternator installed. The Lexus dealer told me that the plastic clip that plug into the alternator from the harness wire is broken. They recommended that I replace the harness and clip along with a Lexus factory Alternator. They agreed that nothing is wrong with the alternator, just the plastic clip is broken, but they will not replace the plastic clip only.

Can the plastic harness clip to the alternator plug be replaced without a factory alternator?. Can you help me?

Their making a big deal out of nothing, bring it by and let us see if we can order just the connector. 407-629-2661

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