The Magic Mechanic is one of the largest independent auto repair service centers in Orlando, Florida. With over 20 years of professional, honest and exceptional service, the Magic Mechanic has educated consumers on automotive repair. Our certified and trained technicians can perform the following services on your vehicle:

Air Conditioning Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Air Conditioning repair/replace diagnostics, recharge,leak detection, hose replacement, coils, pulley,compressor’s, dryers, condensers, evaporators, A/C fan,evaporator fan, switch’s, automatic temp control,module replacements, duel zone, rear A/C. ICE 32, cabin filters.

Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants, Installer, Retail store.

Brake Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Brake repair/replace, diagnostics, brake pads, brake shoes, brake lights, brake calipers, hoses, wheel cylinders, rotor replacement, disc brake repair, rotor resurface/machining, drum machining, on car brake machining, master cylinder, power brake booster, anti lock brake (ABS) pump, module, wheel speed sensors, brake system flush’s, Traction control, Vehicle stability control (VSS), (VSC)

Check Engine Light Repair / Replacement

Check engine light repair/replace, diagnostics, computer scan, computer replace, PCM replace, re-flash, reprogram, data stream evaluation, data recording, (PCM) scan, (TCM) scan, Body control module (BCM), Anti theft module, (SRS) safety restraint system, air bag, Occupant weight sensor, Convenience module, sensors.

Cooling System Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Cooling system repair/replace, diagnostics, leak detection, water pump, accessory belts, thermostat, radiator hoses, heater hoses, by pass hoses, clamps, radiator, radiator repairs, heater core, heater repairs, freeze plugs, cooling system flush, cooling fans, coolant pumps, flow tests, coolant temp sensors, temp sending unit, anti freeze replacement.

Engine Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Engine repair/replace, diagnostics, oil leaks, oil leak detection, oil seals, rear main seal, engine block, crank shaft, connecting rod, engine bearings, oil pump, gaskets, valve cover, cam cover, oil pan, camshaft, lifters, valve guide seals, valve jobs, timing chains, cam gears, tensioners, timing belts, variable cam timing, head gaskets, block test, intake gasket, pistons, piston rings, engine replacements, used low mileage engine, engines repaired, engine rebuilt, engines installed, engine mounts. Jasper engines.

Engine Performance, Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Engine performance repair/replace, diagnostics, tune up, ignition cables, insulators, spark plugs, PCV valve, vacuum hoses/harnesses, vacuum test, cam sensor, crank sensor, direct injection, variable cam timing control, fuel injector/replace/cleaning, fuel filter, pressure regulator, fuel pressure test, turbo charger, super charger, throttle position sensor, O/2 sensor, variable intake system, distributor, fuel pump, catalytic converter, compression test, crank case pressure test, MAF sensor, electronic throttle body, idle control, check engine light, engine air filter.

Electrical System, Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Electrical system, repair/replace, diagnostics, shorts, blown fuses, relays, alternators, starter motors, solenoids, batteries, switches, modules, computers, control units, wiring, wiring repairs, re-wire, horn repair, burn jobs, power window motors, power window regulators, power sliding doors, power seats, electric tail gates, power door locks, ignition switch, cruise control switch, cruise control modules,window switch’s, door lock switch’s, climate control systems, light bulb replacement, head light repair, automatic head lights, electronic steering, shift lock systems, radio replacement, speaker replacement, amplifier replacement, navigation systems, turn signal switch, windshield wiper repair, wiper motor, power mirrors, electric fuel pumps, fuel sending unit, instrument cluster.

Steering & Suspension, Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Steering & Suspension repair/replace, diagnostics, alignment, 4 wheel alignment, computer alignment, body bushings, torsion bars, sway bars, links, bushings, shocks, struts, bearing plates, strut towers, air shocks, automatic ride control, control arms, ball joints, tie rods, steering rack, steering box, power steering pump, steering hoses, Pittman arm, drag link, steering column, electric power steering, coil spring, leaf spring, lift kit, suspension lift.

Scheduled Maintenance Service’s

Scheduled maintenance service’s” Engine lube service’s, safety inspections, tire rotation, transmission services, cooling system services, power steering fluid exchanges, brake fluid flushes, air, fuel and cabin filters, featuring Amsoil Synthetics.

Tire Replacement / Repair, Balancing, Mounting

Tires, Replacement/repair, balancing, mounting, competitive prices on all major brands of tires for any passenger vehicle, road hazard warranty, tire pressure monitor systems.

Transmission Repair / Replacement, Diagnostics

Transmission, Repair/replacement, diagnostics, fluid replacements, filter replacements, transmission service, automatic transmission repair, automatic transmission rebuilding, CVT transmission service, CVT repair, metal belt replacement, drive axle replacement, CV joint repair, transmission mount, synthetic transmission fluid, clutch replacement, throw out bearing, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder, transmission solenoid, shifter repair, flywheel replacement, flywheel resurface, flex plate replace, torque converter replacement, transmission leaks, transmission seals.

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