Car Information:
Toyota Camry
Year: 2002
Engine Size: 4 Cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I am not able to find the Amsoil oil Filters to go with the Amsoil Motor Oil -25000 Miles.
I have checked with NAPA in Winter Garden & also at the Amsoil Site.

I have ordered the Amsoil from the Site, please advise about the Filter to be used.
I have the same problem finding a Amsoil Oil Filter for my Toyota Siena Van 2000.

Any Filters you know which go beyond 10, 000 miles. The AmsoilOil I use is supposed to be for 25, 000 m.

I don’t use Amsoil filters! For a 10,000 mile oil service simply use a Napa Gold, Car Quest, or Wix oil filter, You can use an Amsoil filter if you want, I just don’t like their oil filters.

I have a few customers that do this but most are high capacity diesel’s and they send the oil out for analysis to make sure its worthy of continued use. If you intend on going that long between changes at least change the filter at 12,500 and add 1 quart of new oil.

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