Car Information:
Cadillac CTS
Year: 2008
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

My car has 43000 miles. The car was choking, then the engine gave a harsh diesel sound, no warning lights came on. Since last synthetic oil change I have 13000 miles on it, took it to cadillac dealership and they said I only have one quart left out of 5 in the engine and that I have damaged the gasket, and other major parts. They insist it is because i did not have an oil change at 6000 miles and that there was no issue or leak in the engine. is that true could there be another problem with the engine?

I suggest you let us look at it, if it was low on oil the low oil light should have came on to warn you before a catastrophic failure! GM is trying to divert warranty claims back to the customers so be careful. Welcome to Government Motors.

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