Car Information:
Nissan Sentra
Year: 1999
Engine Size: 1.5
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Car sometimes will not start. Battery is strong but engine will not turn over. A clicking noise (starter) sounds. When engine does start it runs fine. Sometimes it runs in a very low gear (the car in idle does NOT creep forward when I let off of the brake pedal) I turn off engine then restart and The O/D off light flashes and then runs fine. Also sometimes when the car DOES NOT start all electrical goes dead. The radio and clock needs reset. When it runs (most of the time) the car runs great and smooth.

There’s a bad connection, either at the battery, starter, or main engine relay. Its most likely causing the no start and the transmission to go into limp mode. We will need to check for a bad connection. There are several wires coming off the positive battery post, these terminals deteriorate and cause problems like this. Let us know if you need our help

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