Folks manufacturers spend millions of dollars marketing how good their vehicles are” Some use consumer reports, JD powers and associates and many others” in hope this aids in the sale of their vehicles, Now on another note” manufactures and selling dealers also try to imply” other than an occasional oil change their vehicles are pretty much maintenance free” Whens the last time you went on a test drive and the sales person told you while driving expect to replace your brakes every 50,000 miles, you need to do brake system flushes and replace your transmission fluid every 60,000 miles?

See what I mean? That would kill the mood right? I don’t think it would” I would much rather someone try to educate me on maintenance to keep my investment running a long time as someone pretending its maintenance free. As a consumer and vehicle owner its important you understand what maintenance your vehicle needs especially as it ages and sometimes you have to use your own common since. Even though many manufactures don’t even list a transmission fluid service some recommend it every 30,000 miles so we have one extreme to the other’ bottom line is no fluid or oil lasts forever and will need to be replaced as maintenance, remember a sales person’s job is to sell you a car, now picture how many sleepless nights he will have when your transmission fails 1000 miles out of warranty because of neglected fluid” He’s going to cry his eyes out while he’s trying to sell you another maintenance free car!

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