Common myth:

If I take my car to Magic Mechanic for service my selling dealer will void my warranty. This is not correct! No manufacturer can make a warranty conditional on you purchasing only their parts, lubricants, labor etc. As a matter of fact neither the dealer or manufacturer can legally cancel or void any part of your warranty even if you perform the services yourself. Search the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975, Magic Mechanic warrants that no service, repair or lubricant purchased from Magic Mechanic will jeopardize any part of any manufacturers warranty. If at any time it was to be proven Magic Mechanic used un approved procedures or products during any service that would result in a non warranty situation.

Magic Mechanic will accept responsibility and compensate for any such neglect however prior approval and component retention will be necessary for submission of claim. At any time during service if Magic Mechanic discovers a component in need of manufactures warranty it will be explained, noted and referred to an authorized dealer for the repairs to be performed at no charge.

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