Car Information:
Mercedes 300D
Year: 1983
Engine Size: Diesel
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
The shift link bushings have failed so that I can’t shift into park, a common problem with elderly MB diesels. I have new bushings and an installation tool, but due to severe arthritis and not able to install them. I’m wondering if y’all know of a mobile tech who could install them under the car while in my driveway. I’ve done this before in the 24 years I’ve owned the car, and have a floor jack and jack stands. The links are accessible, just takes some one who knows how to replace them. Pls advise. Thanks.

We can do it while you wait it will only take a few minutes. Honestly I would never recommend a mobile mechanic because their not licensed by the State Of Florida and most likely won’t have any insurance. They get hurt they will own your car, house, and bank account! Give us a call if you want our help

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