Car Information:
Ford E-150
Year: 2003
Engine Size: 4.2
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
At 90+ mph acts like its missing, now happens as low as 35 mph. Will go a week around town and is o.k. On the highway will go 200+ miles with no problem. I travel often and am currently in west Texas. The van has 78,000 miles. Odessa ford can not help me, no warning lights or no code set. May not be available to stream live, going to New Mexico, e- mail if possible. Purchased new highly maintained, and yes amsoil. Problem started approx. 3200. miles ago, PLEASE HELP!


You do know I’m at a disadvantage considering I’m sitting behind my desk in Orlando and you have the van in Texas? If it feels like a misfire it most likely is. If it was mine I would replace the plugs and ignition cables and install a new fuel filter and air filter if needed. Another thing that happens is the secondary intake valves that open to allow more air under wide open throttle sometimes stick or the vacuum valves quit working this also needs to be looked at.

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