Car Information:
Chevy Blazer
Year: 2001
Engine Size: 6 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Difficult with starting, used to be able to just turn the key and it would start, now, it seems like it is going to turn over but does not, I have to back off and try again pushing the gas pedal for it to start and sometimes it does not do it then right away. Also there have been times while driving the car skips or kicks like it was out of gas but actually it had a full tank. I have had diagnostics done that can’t seem to find a problem. I know something is not right with my car. I bought it brand new and I know this car. I don’t listen all the time on Saturday, please respond via email if possible.

We need to do a residual fuel pressure test, Its a test to show us how much if any fuel pressure is left in the fuel system after it sits overnight or a few hours. If there is no pressure left in the fuel system that means one of 2 things, either the residual fuel in the fuel system has returned to the fuel tank via a bad one way check valve in the fuel pump asm. or the fuel injection supply line is leaking fuel into the intake under the intake plenum. Let us know if want us to test and pin point the problem.

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