Car Information:
Ford Escape
Year: 2001
Engine Size: 6 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
On Friday morning my battery was dead ( it is1 yr old) I found no apparent reason for the low battery. After I recharged it and started the escape, I found that the radio, interior lights and the door locks wouldn’t work. When I leave the key on, the doors will lock, when the ignition is off, the electric locks are dead. Also when I start up all of the gauges will go to max for about 3 seconds then go back to normal. other than the above problems it runs normally. Thank you

There is a module called a GEM Module on this vehicle that controls functions like interior lighting, door locks, and radio. most likely the module isn’t shutting off and running the battery dead! We would check for a battery draw the way it is and then check for a draw with the GEM Module disconnected if the draw goes away we would replace the GEM module.

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