Car Information:
Lincoln Navigator
Year: 2005
Engine Size: V8
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:

Two problems: one, park assist is only working part of the time. On dash it’s asking for a turn on or off with a reset. Is this a simple procedure to replace a sensor? Could it be one sensor only? Is this a simple owner repair? How much would you charge for a repair?
Second, the driver front seat will no longer move forward or back. I hear what sounds like a relay kicking in and out but no movement but it does move up and down. What’s the charge for this repair. Fuse is good. Thanks

We have to date not had a 2005 Navigator in the shop with a parking brake assist problem. There is 2 common areas for an issue: one, is the switch ($47.61) the other is the control module ($329.02) of course we will also need to check and make sure there is no blown fuses or power supply problems first.

The driver seat problem may not really be a problem! This is a common issue on FORD seat track assemblies in most cases the problem is caused by loose change falling out of a pocket and land on the track and when the seat gets moved it locks up the track. If you don’t burn the motor up trying to move the seat we can usually remove the seat remove a coin and reuse the existing parts! Usually a 2.0 job if correct about $169.00

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