Car Information:
Land Cruiser
Year: 1994
Engine Size: 4.5 I6
Transmission: Automatic

The truck has 287,000 miles. When I first start it up I can hear a knocking sound for about 2-3 seconds then it goes away. However, if i bring the rpm up to about 2500 the knocing comes back, someone told me its a lifter knocking. Can you please tell me if this is true or what you think the problem is? Also, what is the solution and how much would it cost to fix (an approximate amount). I thank you for your time.

Lifters don’t knock they tick! If it’s a ticking noise it may be lifters and their stupid expensive, however I found a lifter out of a older Buick V8 is the same thing for a fraction of the price, if you want this fixed you may want to bring it by and let me listen to it, 407-629-2661

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