Car Information:
GMC Envoy
Year: 2003
Engine Size: V8
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Vehicle equipped with some type of factory security system. After the vehicle sits for approx 6 hours it will not crank. Put the key in, turn the ignition and nothing; just as if it did not have a battery in it. This can go on for maybe ten minutes. After turning on the lights, flipping the door locks back and forth, moving the window up and down something will eventually “connect” and the engine will start and run great. Once it cranks it will continue to crank until it sets for several hours. I also found that if I placed a 200 amp charger on it will crank. Help-wife about to strangle me. Been to the dealer once and they made it worse

If you have another key try that. If it doesn’t help its the key reader most likely in the key tumbler, until you get it in put the key in the key switch turn to the on position and let set for 10 minutes this should put the anti theft system into default mode so it will start. If your robbing any banks don’t shut the truck off!

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