Car Information:
Jeep Wrangler
Year: 1991
Engine Size: 4.0 cylinder
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
Temp gauge shows engine runs at 235 all the time. New radiator, water pump, fan clutch, temp sender, several new 195 thermostats.

When warming up, temp swings to 235 then drops back a little and holds at 235. Engine does not appear to run hot. Even replaced factory gauges with another set with no change.

What could cause this? 160K miles automatic

In a case like this I use an electronic pyrometer. Its a inferred temp gun you aim and pull a trigger and the temp of what ever you aim at registers and shows you the temp. The lower hose shows what the return temp is after the coolant goes through the radiator. The upper hose shows you the max temp of the coolant going into the radiator before it gets cooled in the radiator. This method will help find if there’s a problem and I don’t think a 180 thermostat would either.

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