Car Information:
Infiniti G37S
Year: 2008
Engine Size: 3.7
Trans: Manual

Issue / Question:
I have a 2008 Infiniti G37S coupe which I bought new in January 2008. Starting in August of 2009 I have had three major problems involving the electrical system and battery, cruise control, muffler, and air conditioning. These have required multiple trips to the dealer (Orlando Infiniti), days waiting for the car to be repaired (sometimes more than one trip for the same problem), and in one case, a one-month wait for a new body control module. During a routine oil change last week it was discovered I needed a new muffler (it sounded like the insides of the original had fallen apart), a new remote control (to replace the spare which I had never used), and a new AC compressor, which is on back order – all for a car with 17,000 miles! My question is: should I just get rid of this thing? All of these repairs have been under warranty, but it’s very inconvenient and annoying to have a $40K car I can’t depend on. Your thoughts? If this keeps up, I’ll have an all-new car from all the new parts!

Dave I’m speechless, 9 out of 10 times when I get an e-mail about a nightmare vehicle its almost always a GM! Most folks get rid of them and buy what your driving. I’m a firm believer anything can be fixed but I would hate to tell you to keep a high dollar car that’s going to drive you insane! I would check and see how you would do in a trade on possibly a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, maybe even an Audi.

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