Car Information:
Chrysler Pacifica
Year: 2004
Engine Size: 3.5
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I just went on a day trip to Miami, as we were approaching Miami I noticed a ‘chirping’ sound coming from somewhere in the back of the car. At first I thought that something had shifted while driving but after a stop and checking things I couldn’t determine the location of the sound. It then dawned on me that the sound seemed to respond to when I would depress on the accelerator pedal. Once I got on the I-95 coming home and I set the cruise control the sound gradually went away. But when I got back into town it seemed to start again. Have you heard of anything like this before? Could it be the fuel pump starting to go? I do have 125k miles on it.


Brad that’s about all that’s back there that could be making the noise,
the fuel pump module on this car uses a filter regulator single supply line fuel system. When the filter gets clogged and a large amount of fuel starts to return to the tank I have heard the filter regulator make a noise like you describe, the reason this happens is the filter part on this regulator starts to clog up because no one replaces them because it requires removing the fuel tank to do so and due to the expense most folks pretend they don’t have a fuel filter until it plugs up and the engine dies! Even though I suspect its the filter regulator making the noise I would suggest replacing the fuel pump module because of the age and miles on the car as a maintenance item.

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