Car Information:
Ford Escort GL
Year: 1988
Engine Size: 1.9L
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
What can cause a car to run smooth one day & the next two weeks run erratic & stall through the whole driving range & at Idle, then run another day as if nothing was ever wrong & the following two weeks be crap? Put scanner on it & in the KOEO test 1: active memory, this gives system pass (code 11) then stored memory spits out 2 trouble codes (33 & 34), so I turned the key off & ended scanner and scanner test. I re-did test. 20 seconds later, test 2: active memory, system pass/stored memory: it spits out 6 totally different trouble codes from eca unable to store live memory. The EGR is not open, EGR is closed, EGR sensors voltage too high & too low, to temp sensor voltage out of range. In the 3rd test after 20 seconds, it gives a system pass in active & stored memory I had an extra eca & hooked it up but the car still does the same thing. So I’m lost. Please help.

If carbon holds an EGR open, it can cause a very intermittent rough idle problem. EGR or computer is all that’s coming to mind.

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