Car Information:
Ford F-250
Year: 2004
Engine Size: 6.0 Diesel
Trans: Automatic

Issue/Question: The engine seems to run fine until I drive at slow speeds, feathering the throttle while in traffic. The idle increases, and the engine surges sometimes up to 1500 rpm. Then it falters and runs really rough. Then sometimes it will just quit altogether. The problem sets no codes in OBD and I’ve been running the scanner during the episodes with no code either. I’ve had this to Ford 3 times and they have replaced thousands of dollars in parts but cannot solve the problem. The engine is now out of warranty. I have gone through 55 pages of info on and find many similar symptoms but no one has offered a solution yet. I’m now afraid to go out on the road towing my RV trailer with this thing. I can see why they call this a “Power Stroke Diesel” because that’s what it gives the owner. Can you help me? By the way I really enjoy your show.

Their’s a oil supply line that feeds the injector system inside the motor, if the line leaks off pressure it will stall the motor like you describe. We will need to take an oil pressure test at the injector oil supply to verify if that is your issue.

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