Car Information:
Ford Taurus
Year: 2002
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
I really enjoy your radio show and trust your advice, so I thought I’d write. I was hit in the driver’s side rear wheel at low speed and everything seemed fine. It’s about 8 months later and I just got new tires and an alignment at Sears. The techs at Sears are telling me that they can’t get a perfect alignment because the control bar or something on that tire is out of place…the axle, thankfully, is not bent.

Never having been through this situation, I didn’t know if your shop can fix something like this or if you know of a reliable and trustworthy frame shop that could check out my problem.

Make arrangements to get the car in and let us look at the alignment and what we can do about it! In most cases there’s enough adjustment to correct these issues on a Taurus. If its a frame issue we will advise you from there.

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