Car Information:
Engine Size: V6
Trans: Automatic

When the vehicle reaches 45 or 50 mph it ‘drags’ like a transmission that wants to shift gears, but with transmission trouble can’t. Someone said it was the transmission filter but the maintenance book doesn’t cover the topic at all. Can you help me? Greenway Jeep/Chrys. says it is ‘normal’ but a reputable jeep owner who generously took a ride with me said ‘don’t let them tell you it’s normal because it’s not. Can you help?

Common problem, we replace a lot of governor pressure sensors on these transmissions for this problem! Bet your going through a lot of gas! If my suspicion is correct this can be replaced without removing the transmission, we can do the repair by removing the pan, If we replace the sensor, and the torque convert switch, service the transmission you should be looking at a little less then $500.00

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