Car Information:
Dodge Grand Caravan
Year: 1997
Engine Size: 3.3
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
The van will just die. If you are going above 40 mph it will start back but if slower you have to put it in neutral and start it. It usually starts up but sometimes dies a couple of times more, especially if you are at a light when it dies. Sometimes it doesn’t die for a long time (couple of hours). There were no computer read outs when I had it scanned awhile back. I have wired the pump direct at the tank. I have wired a volt meter to that point & the 12v seems to goes away right at the same time as engine dies. What should the idle speed be set at and I thought I would check the fuel pressure, what should the fuel pressure be? Van has 140000 miles on it and has been tuned up. What next? I don’t know.

Sounds like a bad fuel pump or ignition switch. Fuel pressure test and a voltage supply test would show the problem if this condition could be duplicated. Considering the age of the van I might be tempted to replace both as maintenance items.

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