Were seeing vehicles in the shop with as little as 30,000 miles with check engine lights on and miss fire codes” now these are vehicles that are still under factory warranty! So why are they bringing them to a independent shop like Magic Mechanic? Well they have already been back to their local dealer where it was explained due to intake valve coking from their direct injection fuel system they will be required to pay anywhere from $300.00 to sometimes $2000.00 for a de-carbon service that requires induction and fuel system removal so the valves can be treated for carbon sometimes it requires cylinder head removal and a valve job” They state excessive carbon cleaning isn’t covered by your warranty! Heres what happens” since the fuel is deposited directly into the cylinders no fuel is cleaning the valves and your crank case emissions are re-introduced into the intake system which cokes up the valves, not only does the carbon coking block the cylinders air flow and causes a miss fire the carbon falls into cylinders gets trapped between valves and damages turbo chargers and catalytic converters” Since its not a mechanical failure ( a broken part) manufactures blame it on engine oils and low grade ethanol fuels that are beyond their control, even though its their engineering that caused the problem to start with! What can you do?

As a consumer theirs 2 things, one is have a de-carbon IV drip service done at least every 30,000 miles this keeps the carbon from turning hard so it can be softened and flushed away with the IV drip, waiting to long it will get hard as a rock and the engine will have to come apart for a valve job” The other thing is to not only use the best synthetic oil like Amsoil because of the superior film strength which helps reduce crankcase emissions but stay away from low viscosity oils like 15 and 20 weight oils they create high crank case emissions and intensify the problem! Goggle search direct injection problems, I got 2.4 million hits educate yourself”

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