Car Information:
Hyundai Tiburon
Year: 2004
Engine Size: 6cyl
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
When I put gas in the vehicle, the car will not crank. I have to give it a lot of gas and put it in gear to make it run, as soon as I let off of the gas it stalls. After that it cranks and runs fine every time, it only does it when I get gas. The amount of gas in the vehicle does not make any difference. I have taken the gas cap off and then put it back on to see if I could cause the problem but it did not.

This is dangerous it sounds like the evaporative fuel solenoid is staying open while your filling the tank allowing raw gas to be forced into vacuum ports and flooding the engine. If raw gas collects in the air induction tube and comes in contact with the heated wire mass air sensor! Well lets put it this way you will need a fire extinguisher on hand. If you at anytime see smoke coming from under the hood get out of the car and get several feet away. This needs to be looked at immediately let us know if you want us to confirm my suspicions.

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