Car Information:
Year: 1993
Engine Size: 4 Cyl
Trans: Manual

Issue / Question:
This is my son’s car and here is what’s going on. A few months ago, while cruising in say 4th or 5th gear and pressed accelerator, the clutch would slip a little. It rapidly got worse until the point where, while sitting still, you could let out the clutch and the car would not move or stall out. I then bought a new clutch, pressure plate and throw-out bearing. At the first start up after replacement, the clutch would “whine” when the pedal was depressed. The whine went away after a couple miles. I’m not sure if that contributed to the problem or just a break in noise. The car drove fine and the clutch worked great. Three days later, the problem is coming back. When driving down the road in 4th gear, I pressed the gas and the clutch would slip. The engine would also tack up and slowly come back down as speed increased. Any suggestions? The clutch is hydraulic and there is no free play in pedal. I am going to look to see if there is an adjustment of some sort for pedal free play today. Could the hydraulic hose be collapsing on me?

There should be a lock nut on the clutch pedal rod. Loosen the nut and screw the rod into the pedal bracket until you have free play in the pedal. Then, tighten the lock nut.

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