Car Information:
Chrysler PT Cruiser
Year: 2002
Engine Size: 4 cycle
Trans: Automatic

Issue / Question:
My car has 103,000 miles. It overheats after driving about 5 miles. If the car is started and left to idle, it will run right smack in the middle of the temperature gauge. Drive with or without the a/c on and it goes up to the limit headed to red, so we shut it down. The person I bought this car from recently blew a head gasket, but it was repaired at a reputable shop and all is well with that.

These things were done recently and the new radiator is at 96,000 miles by the previous owner.

Since it has been over heating on me, I have bled the cooling system, flushed and bled the cooling system, replaced the thermostat and bled the cooling system again, replaced the coolant temperature sensor and finally bled the coolant system.

Today, took the car to a shop for a diagnostic. The service writer says I need a new radiator fan because the motor doesn’t work on high speed. Took the car home and jump-wired the fan directly to the battery on both high and low speed side, worked perfectly. I then replaced the high speed relay and she still runs hot.

What else can it be?

I would do a block test to make sure there isn’t compression gases getting into the cooling system and causing an air pocket at the water pump! If it passes the block test I would pull the timing cover, mark the water pump pulley, start and rev the engine while using a timing light, and see if the timing belt is slipping on the water pump pulley!

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